Air Duct Cleaning Project in Marietta, GA!

Now we typically handle Air Duct Cleaning jobs for our clients involving simple cleanings. There can be dust and dust build up, an inefficient machine that needs some assessment, etc. There are also times that the tubing may be in an irreparable state!

Safe House technicians are incredible handymen that have handled and resolved many issues over their 15+ year tenures on our team! Here is a time that one of our stellar Technicians, Tom, went absolutely above and BEYOND on a job! The clients tubing was ripped and ready for replacement, it was also originally a flexible tubing that would probably be better replaced with a more rigid tube.

Tom advised the client about how dire the situation was, explaining and showing pictures as to why the air flow wasn’t properly reaching the bathroom section of the house. After being given the green light to proceed, Tom knew he had to cut into the sheetrock and insulation to get optimizations put in place. Our fantastic technician was able to diagnose, repair, and replace the existing tubing within the walls to fix the flow issue with incredibly time efficiency! He quickly vacuumed and swept the debris from the work and the client was happy with the results! We wanted to shout out Tom for his efforts and always keeping your home, Safe!