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Air Duct Cleaning for your home in Acworth, GA:

Before boring you up talking about how our Air Duct Cleaning service is the best in Acworth, GA, let's first talk about the reasons why you should clean your air ducts , and not the usual allergies, and health issues we all know. Dust collected in the vents can (and will) eventually lead up to those issues, either way we wanted to talk to you about something else that might not be in your head when you think about consequences on not cleaning your air ducts:

Higher Electricity Bills

When you think about consequences of not getting your air ducts cleaned, you’d probably think, dust around the house, pest invasion in the vents, allergies, health issues, which of course are pretty awful but you probably might not know that so here’s how not cleaning your air ducts affects your electricity bills. 

As most of us know, electricity bills (without any additional charges regarding to issues) the average electricity bill  from an average Acworth, GA citizen ranges from $111.67 to $126.38 dollars, which can usually be a lot for some families, and that range is $14.71 dollars above the national average. This cost can usually go up and the cause of that might be your Air Duct not being cleaned in the recommended amount of time, which can cause the whole HVAC system to work harder, which consumes more energy which will eventually translate onto your bills and you might not even know why.

I think we can be on the same page here about basic expenses since the average expense on Utilities in Acworth, GA, starts at $108.6, and that can certainly go up, by buying tools for air duct cleaning regularly. Here’s the solution:

Safe House services, what makes us different from other Air Duct cleaning companies in Acworth, GA? Easy, we make sure to use only the best of the best equipment so every time you have to get your air duct cleaned it’s just because it’s time and not because there are threatening issues that must be done. 

Dryer Vent Cleaning in Acworth, GA

Have you ever heard of a dryer vent cleaning company in Acworth, GA? You probably have, but are they as good as us? Let’s talk about that. 

The fact that you’re on this website means your dryer vent must be in the need of cleansing, but, does it though? Are you sure your dryer vent needs to be cleaned? Here are the main signs that your dryer vent is sending you to let you know that it needs to be cleaned, without you even realizing it:

  1. The drying cycle takes longer than usual: When the dryer vent is clogged by lint, the drying cycle can double or triple its time, and probably by the end of that cycle the clothes might not be completely dry.
  2. Once the cycle is over, and the clothe is ‘’dry’’ it comes out piping hot: When the cycle is over, the clothes are hot to the touch, and this is not normal, this means that the system is clogged by lint, which causes the system to work faster and exhaust itself, causing overheating.
  3. Usually it smells like burning: Lint (the thing that builds up in the lint trap) its very flammable, and can eventually build up to the point where the friction between, the heat of the dryer vent and the lint itself, can cause a house fire. 

Let’s build up on that for a while, so, as you might know The National Fire Protection Association, recommends an annual dryer vent cleaning, since there are at least from 250 to 300 dryer vent caused house fires have been registered in the Georgia area. Also, if the dryer vent is attached to a gas dryer not cleaning the dryer vent with in depth might cause the dryer vent make carbon monoxide which is basically, deadly.

Safe House Services in Acworth, GA is the best option to clean your dryer vent, we have the experience, the best equipment, and a great customer service, so next time (which might be now) you think about cleaning your air ducts and dryer vent don’t think  twice and give us a call.

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Bianca K.

Acworth, GA

Liked that they quoted me a final price before they came. Other companies would not give a price until they saw the place and length of the dryer vent.

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Sonia L.

Acworth, GA

The technician called ahead, was on time & VERY efficient! I recommended SAFE HOUSE to our son, who needs the same service.



Acworth Review 2

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Anthony H.

Acworth, GA

Overall, I was happy with the service. Don't think the ducts had ever been cleaned in my 55+ year old house. Gave a longer warranty for the UV (mold-killing) system they installed, so that was good. Would recommend them to all my neighbors.


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