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Reasons to have the Air Ducts Cleaned in Your Home in Atlanta

Best Air Duct Cleaning in Atlanta

Atlanta, the Capital of Georgia, is a fast growing city. Atlanta is the 9th largest metropolitan area in the nation with 5.9 million inhabitants. Atlanta is growing culturally and economically, resulting in the “New South'' filled with new homeowners, a strong reason why Safe House is a rapidly growing company in the Atlanta Metro Area.

The importance of air duct cleaning is  something that has been swept under the rug for these new Atlanta homeowners.

Imagine the feeling after you clean your entire home being followed up by a pure air flow. Now imagine sitting down after cleaning your home and turning on your system and it just caking up dust all over your freshly cleaned home. 

This has to lead to the next question :

When should you get your air ducts cleaned ?

As a rule, the National Air Duct Cleaners Association (NADCA) always suggests cleaning your ducts every three to five years, even though there is no actual formula on knowing an exact time period. These calculations are based on past experience with a range of different systems. There are cases where the HVAC system needs cleaning more than once a year, if this is your case, it might be that there is a problem with the system that is allowing dirt to infiltrate the components faster than the usual.

The many advantages of having the air ducts cleaned include:

  • Efficiency in your system is the main benefit that air duct cleaning brings. Air being able to flow freely and properly in the system is the essence of an efficient system. The minute there is a restraint in air flow it puts in jeopardy the entire functionality of your system. 
  • NO Dust is also another extreme benefit. The dust that comes out of your ducts is different than the dust we track into our homes. This dust is debris, allergens and can contain bacteria. Getting rid of these allergens is not a problem with Safe House as the Atlanta Metro Areas best Air Duct Cleaning company. 
  • Keep your house free of any mold or mildew. Your system runs with water most people aren't aware of. However, the minute dust comes into the picture the chances of mold heighten making you susceptible to mold or mildew in your ducts and in your furnace unit. 

The best part of cleaning your ducts is the air quality you feel the difference. The cleaning Safe House offers is done with a HEPA filtered vacuum cleaner that removes all the dust, dirt and debris. We also use a rotary drill brush to ensure a satisfactory cleaning in all of our residents in Atlanta. Trust us for the best and most elite Air Duct Cleaning in the Atlanta metro area ! 

 Mold or Mildew in your Air ducts ? 

If there is mold or mildew in your system then you probably some kind of odor to indicate the presence of mold in your system, there could be mold spores on top of your registers, the air in your home often seems to thicken as well, your skin might get irritated, more sneezing and coughing than normal. All these things can be a result of mold in your air ducts.

Our technicians are very seasoned in taking care of mold or mildew presence in your air duct system. We apply an all organic solution that is human and pet friendly so no one has to evacuate the home. This breaks down the bacteria and deteriorates mold spores so they stop growing.

We then do a rotary brush cleaning of your air duct to ensure a detailed cleaning, followed by a high pressure HEPA filtered HVAC vacuuming of your system.

Lastly we apply a sanitizing treatment. This serves as a sealant for your ducts to ensure that the mold doesn't return. Mold can be very stubborn and it spreads like wild fire it is important to ensure the complete removal. Because of this it isn't uncommon to try to keep up with your system on an annual basis.

What Safe House suggest if you have a mold or mildew problems is the install of a UV light in your system.  The Ultra Violet lights helps with the quality of air and odors in your home. It kills the microorganisms in the bacteria breaking down their DNA and making it impossible for mold to continue to grow. This is a permanent solution to the unwanted bacteria in your air ducts.

Safe House offers not only the best air duct cleaning in Atlanta and its metro area but we are reliable, honest and informative. We want our clients to tell their neighbors ! Let us keep your Atlanta home Safe!


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We cant believe how much dirt, dust, and grime was in the dryer vents until Safe House cleaned them out. Our only regret is not doing it sooner. They were professional, efficient and well prepared for the job. Safe House is the BEST!


After a detailed inspection of the HVAC system and full preparation of the office space, Enviroduct got to work. They went above and beyond to make sure the ducks and ventilation equipment were SPOTLESS. Everyone with allergies said it was the best investment made all year. Thanks Again!


AMAZING!!! David came to our house, he did an awesome job, great customer service, professionals, so kind, explain all details, help me to get the right size of vents, we need an additional mold and sanitize treatment.
I can't say enough about them! I am very happy with the results. reasonable rates!


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