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Top 5 Reasons To Get Your Air Ducts Cleaned for your home in Braselton!

Braselton is a town located in Jackson County, Georgia. Braselton is known for having a lot of open land and a small, historic town feel. Being a small town with farming activities and so much open land gives a lot of opportunity for dust to get inside your home and into your air ducts, sitting there and eventually causing a lot of problems which can be avoided with regular air duct cleaning. Above are the top 5 reasons why you should get your air ducts cleaned in your Braselton property.  

HVAC System Efficiency 

The air that travels through your air ducts carries dust, dirt, hair, and other pollutants. If years have passed since the last time you got your air ducts cleaned, it is most likely that your system is clogged by all the dust, dirt, hair, and allergens it has collected over the years. A professional cleaning will remove all that buildup and help the air flow better, while also reducing your utility bill.  

Improved Indoor Air Quality

The most important reason to get your air ducts cleaned is to maintain a healthy indoor air quality. Taking care of your personal health and your family should be of main priority. The amount of allergens and contaminants hidden in your air ducts are unbelievable. Not getting your air ducts regularly cleaned can worsen any respiratory conditions anyone in the household may have like asthma, allergies, among other respiratory diseases.  

Musty Odors

If your house has been smelling musty or there are certain odors that no matter how much you clean the smell does not leave, instead of spending time and money in short term fixes why not hit the problem from the source and get your air ducts professionally cleaned.  You will be smelling fresh and clean air right away. 

New home or construction work 

Do you have any idea of how much dust accumulates in your air ducts after a renovation? A lot! All that dust and paint particles enter your air ducts and remain there until they get professionally cleaned. If you just moved into your new Braselton home the best and first thing you should do is get the HVAC System inspected and cleaned by a professional and reliable company like Safe House. Why? Because you have no idea how the living conditions of the previous owners were or when was the last time they got their air ducts cleaned or inspected.

Clean home 

Have you cleaned your home and realized shortly after that your house is dirty again? This is because your air ducts are so filled with dust that it exhausts the dust out and the dust ends up sitting on your floor and furniture. Cleaning your air ducts on the regular keeps a clean home and environment for the whole family.  

If you are looking to get your air ducts cleaned by a professional and reliable company in Braselton, GA don’t hesitate to contact Safe House Air Duct Cleaning and we will be more than happy to assist you.

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Braselton Review 1

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Mark B.

Braselton, GA

Solomon came to clean our system and he did a fantastic job of it. Our house smells so much better and he even recommended a better filter for the system to help keep it cleaner in the future.


Braselton Review 2

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Alissa G.

Braselton, GA

I haven't cleaned my dryer vent in 7 years after a basement renovation, so i knew it was time to hire a professional. Safe House came to my home and examined my vent resulting in them discovering the dryer was vented into the ceiling ! The contractor had installed an exterior vent cover that , when removed was blocked by wood and clearly not connected to any venting. I believe these men probably saved us from a tragedy if they hadn't completely examined the vent. They only asked me to pay what i thought was fair, and called to follow up with my attempt to have the original contractor remedy the issue. (They're not returning my calls) Great Company!


Braselton Review 3

Image result for 5 star review image

Carmen B.

Braselton, GA

Very friendly, knowledgeable and great price. Found that the dryer vent was never installed correctly and was just venting to the inside of the dryer cabinet. Great find, I can't thank you enough.



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