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Air Duct & Dryer Vent Cleaning in Suwanee, GA

Safe House Air Duct offers air duct cleaning, dryer vent cleaning to both commercial and residential properties. All of our technicians are licensed and they carry the best high quality tools.To ensure we leave your property clean. Our goal is to leave you and your loved ones feeling safe and inhaling fresh, clean air.

We offer air duct cleaning, dryer vent cleaning and HVAC cleaning to all residential and commercial clients!

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About Air Duct & Dryer Vent Cleaning

Award-winning Suwanee is a friendly, progressive community committed to maintaining a high-quality of life for its approximately 18,000+ residents. The Suwanee community is considered one of the most desirable places to live in the Atlanta region and has been named by several national publications (Money, Family Circle,  Here at Safe House Air Duct Cleaning, we want everyone to enjoy fresh and clean air. We believe that your home should be your sanctuary and abode. The last thing that you need are contaminants that get in the way of your comfort. So, we offer our services for optimum home comfort.

HVAC Cleaning Services

Cleaning an HVAC Unit System is not an easy task. Overtime, the HVAC System collects enough dust to lower the efficiency of the entire system. At Safe House Air Duct Cleaning we make sure that not only the outside, but also the inside of the system is properly cleaned. 

Air Duct Cleaning Services 

Not getting your air ducts professionally cleaned in the regular has negative effects. Not only can it possibly damage your system, but it also provides a poor indoor air quality. Overtime air ducts get filled with dust, dirt, pet dander, mold, mildew and many other allergens that are naked to the eye. A poor indoor air quality can severely affect someone with asthma and also cause respiratory issues. Not having your air ducts professionally cleaned also fills your property with all the dust that’s inside the vent. Safe House Air Duct Cleaning technicians pride themselves in leaving your property smelling brand new.

Dryer Vent Cleaning Services

The main purpose of getting dryer vents cleaned is to reduce the risk of fire hazards in the home and of course to maintain the efficiency of your dryer. They should be cleaned at least once a year depending on the size of your home and the dryer usage. A clogged or dirty dryer vent can be detected when the clothes take too long to dry, when there is lint or debris buildup outside of the dryer vent or when there is a smoky scent coming from it as a result of it overheating. These are signs that indicate it’s time for the dryer vents to be cleaned. The cleaning process begins the use of a snake-like brush that goes down the length of the exhaust taking apart the lint that's clogging the vent and then we  use a portable vacuum to pick up the lint that was broken apart. 

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