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Air Duct & Dryer Vent Cleaning in Tucker, GA

Safe House specialists have years of experience with air duct systems and all of our techs are certified. Our techs will thoroughly inspect your duct system and clean it all, from end to end.

We offer air duct cleaning, dryer vent cleaning and HVAC cleaning to all residential and commercial clients!

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We Happily Service The Following Zip Codes in Tucker, GA: 

30084, 30085

Information About Air Duct & Dryer Vent Cleaning

Located in Georgia's DeKalb County, Tucker is about 15 miles northeast of downtown Atlanta. It is one of largest and oldest unincorporated communities in the state. Outdoor events held on Main Street are a central part of the community for numerous residents and organizations.

HVAC Cleaning Services 

Just so we’re all on the same page, let’s get started by defining HVAC first. HVAC is an intricate system of ducts that is in charge of the heating, cooling, and ventilation in your home. Although not always top-of-mind, this system makes sure that the air is circulated properly in your home. The problem here, however, is that this system is prone to getting dusty and dirty often. With dust, dander, and even mold in its ducts, you will soon have your home circulating these contaminants with no way of escape.

To continue enjoying an efficient system of heating and cooling, make sure that your HVAC system is clean at all times. This includes cleaning air conditioner unit to remove microbial growth and dust in your home.

Air Duct Cleaning Services

Why Do You Need Ductwork Cleaning For Your Home?

Airduct cleaning is the process of cleaning out your home’s duct system. Here, dust and other contaminants will be removed through specialized equipment and careful mastery of these tools.

That’s the how of duct cleaning, let’s move on to the why. Why do you need the services of air duct cleaning companies to clean out your home’s air system? We actually have a few reasons on the matter, keep on reading.

1.You’ll be able to live in a cleaner environment

Who wants to live in a dusty and moldy home? If you’re like most normal people, probably not you, right? Good, because a professional duct cleaning service makes sure that the air that you breathe at home is clean and dust-free. Now say goodbye to that inexplicable layer of dust just a few hours after you have wiped the tabletop.

2. You and your family will be healthier

That year-long allergy that you thought you’d never be able to get rid of, well, now you can. Molds, mildew, dander, dust, pollen, dander, these are allergens that cause asthma and other respiratory problems. With professional duct cleaning, you’ll finally be able to say goodbye to these airborne particles. You and your family will be able to live healthier without these toxins flying around.

3. You can finally get rid of that old-house smell

You probably don’t notice the musty smell anymore, but your visitors surely will. And if you’ve long been suffering from an old-house smell, then you can kiss that goodbye with our services. We make sure to vacuum out any stale smell in your home. Without the dust and molds that have accumulated through the years, you’ll finally be able to enjoy a fresher home. Say goodbye to these odor-trapping toxins with our help.

4. Be more energy-efficient

The truth is that your heating and cooling devices will run more efficiently without contaminants in your air duct system. With dust and dirt impeding the airflow, your heater and air conditioner often need to work extra hard to function. When this happens, your electricity bill skyrockets and you’ll need to pay more. With a clean air duct system, the operational costs will be lowered and you’ll be able to save more.

 Dryer Vent Cleaning Services

Nearly 3,000 dryer fires happen every year, and those fires cause an estimated 35 million in property loss, hundreds of injuries, and even five deaths. Clogged dryer vents are one of the leading causes of these fires.

Even if your dryer doesn’t burst into flames, dirty dried vents can still be dangerous. Blocked dryer vents cause harmful gas fumes to make their way into the home. Breathing these fumes can negatively affect your health.

So even though cleaning out dryer vents is a chore that usually gets overlooked, it's an important one. Doing some dryer vent cleaning may actually make your life a little bit easier too.

Clean dryer vents work better than dirty dryers, and that means your clothes will dry faster. If it takes more than one load to fully dry your clothes should dry in a single load. Your dryer will also last longer if you keep it clean. The dirtier it is the harder it has to work to do its job. This could cause it to burn out or need maintenance much sooner than it should. 

A hard-working dryer makes your energy bill go up, why is that? Because when a dirty dryer works harder, it sucks up more energy. Cleaning out your vents can make your bill go back down. The main benefit of a clean dryer is your family’s safety. There’s no need to put off cleaning your vents and end up with fire hazards.

Usual signs that your dryer vents gives up are the following:

  • The clothes take more than a cycle to dry
  • After being done with a cycle, the clothes smell musty
  • The room feels hot when the dryer is running
  • There’s lint build up in the lint trap
  • Clothes are unusually hot after a drying cycle


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Safe house was professional, extremely knowledgeable and very thorough. I would absolutely recommend them!

Kelsey H. 

Tucker, GA

Professional, explained the entire process, showed me how to install the filter in the furnace, everything was clean and neat when they left.

Sue L. 

Tucker, GA

Needed to clean our HVAC and dryer vents - made an easy appointment at a time that worked for us. The cleaning crew actually arrived 2 hours before our window, but luckily we were home. Work was done efficiently and they cleaned up well. We did duct cleaning, and some mold was found so that was treated and sanitized. They did a great job! 

James K. 

Tucker, GA 

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