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Safe House is proud to be the best air duct cleaning company in Decatur, with local technicians offering quality service for our neighbors!

We offer air duct cleaning, dryer vent cleaning and HVAC cleaning to all residential and commercial clients!

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We Happily Service the Following Zip Codes in Decatur, GA: 

30030, 30034, 30036, 30032, 30031, 30035, 30037, 30033

What to Consider in an HVAC Cleaning Estimate for your Home in Decatur, GA.

Decatur is a city located in Dekalb County, Georgia. Decatur is located in the Metropolitan Atlanta area and it’s known to have one of the best education programs in the United States. Filled with cultural places to visit and beautiful parks, Decatur has managed to keep its small town essence making it an amazing and lovely place to live.  

The HVAC System:

The HVAC system or better known as the furnace system is in charge of cooling or heating your indoor air. Getting your air ducts cleaned in your Decatur home or business is very important. By cleaning your HVAC System you are getting rid of all the dirt, dust, and allergens hidden in your system. When you clean your air ducts you are not only ensuring a healthier indoor air quality for yourself, but for everyone else as well. 

The average cost for duct cleaning rounds between $350 to $1,000. Each company has its different set of rules and prices but you should be aware of the really cheap ones. When hiring a professional air duct cleaning company in Decatur for an HVAC cleaning estimate you need to have in mind that there are a few things to have in consideration that might affect the price. The cost will depend on a lot of factors like the size of your property, the length of your ducts, the number of vents you have, the number of furnaces in the property, and much more. The bigger the property, the longer the ducts will be and the more it will cost.   


Another important factor to have in consideration in an HVAC cleaning estimate is how accessible your ducts are. The harder it is to get access to the ducts, the higher the price will be. The level of contamination in your air ducts also plays a huge role in the total estimate. If your ducts are contaminated with mold, mildew or vermin infestation, our technicians have to check the gravity of the problem before getting their hands into it. Getting rid of the mold and vermin infestation takes the use of special chemicals, special equipment and more precautious time taking methods to clean your ducts without creating further damage.   

Safe House Air Duct Cleaning does not only take care of your air ducts, but of your furnace, blower, coils, and vents. We make sure to clean the entire system making it work more efficiently resulting in a lower electric bill. We take pride in having experienced technicians that love leaving our customers happy with clean, fresh air. 

Air Duct Cleaning: 

Not getting your air ducts professionally cleaned in the regular has negative effects. Not only can it possibly damage your system, but it also provides a poor indoor air quality. Overtime air ducts get filled with dust, dirt, pet dander, mold, mildew and many other allergens that are naked to the eye. A poor indoor air quality can severely affect someone with asthma and also cause respiratory issues. Not having your air ducts professionally cleaned also fills your property with all the dust that’s inside the vent. Safe House Air Duct Cleaning technicians pride themselves in leaving your property smelling brand

Dryer Vent Cleaning: 

According to the U.S. Fire Administration's National Fire Data Center, clothes dryers are responsible for approximately 15,600 structure fires around the country each year. Eighty percent of these fires start with clogged dryer vents, and result in 15 deaths and 400 injuries on average annually. Thousands of other home occupants are treated for symptoms of poisonous gas fumes that back up into the home due to blocked dryer vents.

Yes, cleaning the lint trap in your dryer is a good practice, but it's not enough to prevent a fire from sparking in your dryer vent. To keep your dryer efficient and safe, replace any vinyl or plastic flexible transition ducts between the dryer and the main vent (often located inside a wall) with a a semi-rigid metal transition duct, since plastic and vinyl transition ducts can catch fire, unlike the semi-rigid metal ducts.


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Sam F.

Decatur, GA

The technician was very professional and explained the whole process. I am very pleased with the service and can breathe better.



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Image result for 5 star review image

Fara V.

Decatur, GA

Tom cleaned vents in rental house and not only did a good job but was very helpful and explained things very well. He was friendly and pleasant. Thanks Tom!


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Image result for 5 star review imageMila K.

Decatur, GA

Their Technician, Tom, arrived as scheduled and spent over an hour in order to do a through job of making sure the entire length of the vent leading from my dryer was squeaky clean. Having had the vent cleaned several times in the past this is the first time that I have a sense of security knowing that the job was done well. Thank you Safe Home I will absolutely use your company and Tom every time.


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