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Air Duct & Dryer Vent Cleaning in Canton, GA

Safe House is proud to be the best air duct cleaning company in Canton, with local technicians offering quality service for our neighbors!

We offer air duct cleaning, dryer vent cleaning and HVAC cleaning to all residential and commercial clients!

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We Happily Service the Following Zip Codes in Canton, GA: 

30115, 30114, 30169

Pros and Cons of Air Duct Cleaning In Canton, GA

Are there actually any Air Duct cleaning services in Canton, GA?

Yes there are, and one of them is us, an experienced air duct cleaning company, right here in Canton, GA. So let’s talk about what to consider when hiring an Air Duct Cleaning company.

When hiring an Air Duct cleaning company in Canton, GA there are multiple factors to consider since there are many unreliable Air Duct cleaning companies since there many which are just scams, or just not doing their job right, so here’s what to consider when hiring a company:

-Check references (reviews, or ask someone that has already had any service done by the company), as long as you see that customers seemed satisfied  and didn’t experience any inconvenience with the services then there are more probabilities that the company is reliable and professional.

-Once calling the customer service, or service dispatcher ask any question about what you’d like to know, service dispatchers should know at least the basics, with this, you can certainly realize if the company is actually reliable.

-Ask the company if they use any chemicals that could be harmful, there are some chemicals that are ‘okay’ to use in air ducts since they don’t affect the family in any way, but there are some others that can be harmful for kids, pets or family members in general.

-Make sure to find out how long the company has been in business since this ensures you that the company is actually experienced, many companies in Canton, GA are usually running scams or don’t even know how to do the job

Safe House services, the air duct cleaning company is reliable, has years of experience, and our customer service is fully prepared for any kind of question, so if you live in Canton, GA don’t think twice and give us a call to get some quotes!

Dryer Vent cleaning company in Canton, GA.

Looking for a dryer vent cleaning service that's local from Canton, GA and gives a great and outstanding service? That’s us, safe house services in Canton!

Now let’s talk about how not cleaning your dryer vent affects your daily life, from bills to health, by cleaning your dryer vent here’s what you can avoid:

-High energy bills, this might be in every dryer vent cleaning website you find in Canton, but cleaning the dryer vent gets rid off a layer of lint, by leaving this on, not cleaning it away can eventually push your electric bill up.

-Cleaning the dryer vent also helps with the durability of the machine, avoiding emergency repairs, making the machine last way longer than usual.

You can avoid these problems, and way more by getting your dryer vent cleaned with Safe House services, in Canton, GA.

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Review - Canton 1

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Jenny B.

Canton, GA

Customer Service will help answer any questions before and after duct cleaning. Duct cleaning pros answered all questions on first and second visits. Tech came back second day to finish cleaning all ceiling vents. My house is so happy and so are our lungs! Very good job!!


Review-Canton 2

Image result for 5 star review image

Cat Z.

Canton, GA

Nick was very timely and efficient. Completed the job in a timely manner. Very professional and they cleaned up completely when job was done.


Review-Canton 3

Image result for 5 star review image

James B. 

Canton, GA

I am so glad I hired Safe House Air Duct Cleaning to get my ducts cleaned. I was amazed by all the dirt they cleaned out my ducts and the before and after pictures.




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