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The Importance of Sanitizing

The spreading of Covid-19 has been confirmed to be transmitted through respiratory droplets. However, the infectious process fro person to surface has not yet been confirmed. It has been researched and documented that depending on what kind of surface the virus can last between hours and days on surfaces. People who are positive with the corona virus and show no symptoms run higher chances of spreading this virus at a much higher rate.
Safe House wants to change that. We have dedicated a team of professional technicians to clean and disinfect the homes and offices of the Atlanta metro area. What we mean by clean and disinfect:
  1. Clean- To remove all germs, bacteria and impurities from any and all surfaces. The act of cleaning doesn't kill all germs but it lowers the possibility of spreading and infecting.
  2. Disinfect- Refers to using solutions like MediClean which is what we use. These solutions are EPA approved and will kill and remove the possibility of spreading and infecting.
Safe House has been proudly Sanitizing homes, offices, air ducts and vehicles for the past 10 years. Trust us to come to your home keep every one safe and one step closer to being Covid-19 free!

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Happy thoughts from our Safe House clients

We cant believe how much dirt, dust, and grime was in the dryer vents until Safe House cleaned them out. Our only regret is not doing it sooner. They were professional, efficient and well prepared for the job. Safe House is the BEST!


After a detailed inspection of the HVAC system and full preparation of the office space, Enviroduct got to work. They went above and beyond to make sure the ducks and ventilation equipment were SPOTLESS. Everyone with allergies said it was the best investment made all year. Thanks Again!


AMAZING!!! David came to our house, he did an awesome job, great customer service, professionals, so kind, explain all details, help me to get the right size of vents, we need an additional mold and sanitize treatment.
I can't say enough about them! I am very happy with the results. reasonable rates!


Areas We Service

With several trucks and highly trained technicians, Safe House is pleased to cover and service a very large area in the Atlanta metro area.



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